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Vertical Shaft Impact (VSI) Crusher

  • VSI

  • 30-50

    Feed Size(mm)
  • 11-28

  • 110-440

  • 65-650

  • 1100-1900

    Rotating Speed(r/min)


Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Introduction

VSI series vertical shaft impact crusher adopts new impeller design structure and special sealing structure to prevent the oil leakage of the bearing cylinder. It has the characteristics of energy saving, long service life and wide application. It is widely used in the processing of fine-grained aggregates and artificial sand in stone production; metal and non-metal mines are used to replace the fine crushing operation of traditional crush crushers; cement production is used for pre-grinding operations in the grinding process and can greatly reduce energy consumption; crushing glass in the recycling industry.

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Stucture


VSI Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Working Principle

The materials fall into impeller with high-speed rotation vertically. On the force of high-speed centrifugal, the materials strike to the other part of material in a high speed. After mutual impacting, the materials will strike and rub between the impeller and the casing and then be discharged straight from the lower portion to form a closed multiple cycles. Final product is controlled by screening equipment to meet the requirement. The VSI series vertical impact crushers has two types: rock-on-rock and rock-on-iron. Rock-on rock is to process abrasive material and rock-on –iron is to process normal material. The production of rock-on-iron is 10-20% higher than rock-on-rock.

Vsi Sand Making Machine Features & Advantages

Perfect product grain shape

Based on the high-speed impact crushing mechanism, the product has excellent grain shape, therefore, it is especially suitable for aggregate shaping and artificial sand making, such as the production and processing of aggregates for expressways.

Large handing capacity and high output

The impeller structure adopts a new structural design, and the material throughput is increased by about 30%.

Thinning oil lubricant 

Adopting thin oil lubrication system, special sealing structure prevents oil leakage of bearing cylinder and reduces failure of transmission system.


Equipped with hydraulic lifting device can helps customer easy maintenance and labor saving.

VSI Series Impact Crusher Parameters

VSI Series
ModelCapacity (t/h)Feeder size (mm)Rotating Speed
Overall Dimensions (mm)
Waterfall and center feedingWhole center feedingSoft materialHard material
VSI5X Series
ModelCapacity (t/h)Feeder size (mm)Rotating Speed
Overall Dimensions (mm)
Waterfall and center feedingWhole center feedingSoft materialHard material

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