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Sand making machine installation process and matters needing attention

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The status of the sand making machine in the sand making production line is now one of the best, so in the installation process of the sand making machine equipment, if it is not installed correctly, it will not only cause the entire production line to fail to work, but also give the machine itself It will bring harm, and more serious, will cause personal threats to the operators of the sand making machine. Every sand making site will have safety first reminders, so in order to maintain the sand making machine itself and be responsible for the safety of the operators, you should take a look at the process and precautions during the installation of the sand making machine!

Be sure to add lubricating oil again before trial operation of the sand making machine equipment, and check whether the connections between the parts are firm and reliable, whether there are foreign objects on the impeller, and whether the motor wiring is correct. After running, if there is any abnormal situation, stop running immediately.

Before installing the sand making machine equipment, first check according to the packing list to check whether the various parts are worn or not during transportation and whether they are complete. During installation, the sand making machine should be leveled so that its main shaft is perpendicular to the horizontal plane. Appropriate space should be left above and on both sides of the sand making machine for hoisting and maintenance. After the installation is completed, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out, for example, whether the lubricating oil pipe is firmly connected.

When installing the sand making machine, pay attention to the following: Since the sand making machine vibrates during work, the machine should be installed on a concrete foundation. In order to reduce vibration, noise and the impact on nearby buildings and structures, the sand making machine and Hardwood pads, rubber bands or other shock-absorbing materials are used between the concrete foundations. The basic discharging trough should be laid with a layer of metal plate and have a sufficient inclination angle (it should be determined according to the fluidity of the material, not less than 50°), so as not to hinder the smooth discharge of the crushed product. The size of the discharge opening should be adjusted according to the required product size. When adjusting, loosen the T-line bolts and tension springs. Use jacking bolts to open the adjusting seat, insert or remove gaskets of corresponding thickness, and then retract the jacking bolts. Under the weight of the movable jaw, the adjusting seat is tightly attached to the ear seat of the frame while pressing the gasket group Get together. Afterwards, adjust the spring preload to ensure that the thrust plate and the thrust plate pad are in close contact when the machine is working. However, the pre-pressure should not be too large, as long as there is no percussive sound, the adjusting seat is finally locked.

The sand making machine equipment produced by our factory is a new type of sand making machine modified according to the principle of the sand making machine. According to the different crushing sites, the location of the sand making machine equipment will be different. It is generally installed in a factory or in an open field for operations.